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Dr. John Weaver has given more than 50 presentations for professional groups, organizations, and the public. He speaks on many topics including:


Paying Attention to Health: Challenges and Possibilities

Wellness and the Brain

Emotional Well-being:  Its Role in Health Promotion and

Mental Fitness Training

Mindfulness Training for Emotional Health

The Science of Happiness: Insights from Positive

Stress Management for the Real World


He presents to conferences and professional groups nationwide.


  The Healthy Thinking Program Training Manual is

  designed for use by your training professionals in

  your organization. The manual included complete

  Power Point presentations,audio files, and

  background information for the trainer.




  The Prevention of Depression: A Missing Piece in

  Wellness is comprised of recommendations for

  developing mindfulness,optimism, and resilience

  skills by engaging in 90 days of practical

  applications for individuals.

Training in Healthy Thinking for your workforce is more than

training in good health, it is training for good business!