Paul Kenneth Glass, Ph.D.

Paul Kenneth Glass, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist who received his Doctor of Counseling Psychology & Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University.  He has a Master’s Degree in Psychology of Religion and Pastoral Counseling from Boston University/Harvard University, as well as a Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin (Whitewater, WI).  He has a certification in Language and Culture from the Goethe Institute (Germany), and has done graduate education at University of Edinburgh (Great Britain). He is a lifetime Member of the Post Graduate Association of Harvard Medical School.



Paul has participated in the Healthy Thinking Initiative and is a Co-founder & Corporation President of the Stress Management & Mental Health Clinics, Inc. which sponsors the Initiative.  He is a Co-founder and Co-owner of Psychology for Business which applies scientific/proven principles and strategies to business & industry.  Prevention of Depression and Anxiety has been studied, taught, and applied in Business and Clinical settings by Dr. Glass for nearly thirty years.  He has published the book Managing Difficult Personalities in the Workplace: A Manager’s Practical Guide, and has provided television and radio presentations as well as newsprint, professional journal, and e-newsletter articles.









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