Challenge your organization to achieve excellence. We have been involved with the APA Center for Organizational Excellence to promote workplaces that exemplify well-being for the organization and for every employee. These workplace practices will give your organization the edge it needs to be the best it can be.


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Remember life is not pass or fail. You can do something that is good and it can be done even better. You can do something that is bad but it does not have to become catastrophic.

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The goal of consulting within The Healthy Thinking Initiative is to establish a more psychologically healthy workplace at your organization. This involves consultation in several areas: Employee engagement Growth and development within the workforce Integrated work-life balance Improved health and safety practices Effective recognition for high performance These are qualities that the APA Center for Organizational Excellence has shown to be good for employee well-being and good for organizational performance outcomes.
Your consultation will involve working with your leadership and executive team. Do you have the right people, in the right relationship to each other, to move your organization toward a sustainable workplace that will increase the psychological health of the company and the well-being of the employees? Leadership is an essential component of an organization that strives for excellence. Company policies and procedures must be carefully constructed to promote and enhance your efforts to establish a psychologically healthy workplace. The policies and procedures you establish create the environment that will enhance the well-being of your employees and increase organizational responsiveness to the human side of the business. Let us review and work with you to create psychologically health policies.
In successful organizations there is a focus on team-work as well as task-work. We will help you to assess and improve employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction with your business. We will assist you in building strong teams that have a clarity of focus, are aligned with your company's mission, and are able to sustain their efforts to work hard and work smart as part of something bigger than themselves.

Training in Healthy Thinking for your workforce is more than

training in good health, it is training for good business!